Do good in the river

It is clear that good and good, people love God.

Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:
If I go to work with a Muslim to fulfill any of his work and walk till I finish his work, I like it so that I sit in the entire month of his entire month in my mosque.On another occasion, the person who fulfills the needs of his Muslim brother will fulfill his need Another Hadith means that the best person is those who benefit others or are useful for others.Allah continues to help the slave until he is in need of another Allah continues to help the slave until he is in need of another
The famous psychiatrist Adler relies on doing good every day It is a major reason for worry and fear that people just think about themselves Thinking about others will help you to avoid being worried about yourself, but it will help you to make your friend Only good and good man can be happy and only true humans can become a good man People who are good and good internally are happy in every part of life, so be good and good to ban good practices and principles.
Free Securities accounting for one's goodness is not only useful for others, but also for those who give good news Treat sympathy People's work is a real pleasure to create service based on voluntary services Real happiness does not exist without others with sympathy, happiness increases to improve sympathy behavior, kindness and heart-loving people are more happier than others.Another new discovery has been found that working with sympathy makes the task happy for a long time while people help you when they work, people do you like Let's give respect to thank you and be grateful that your happiness increases. With this good attitude, you also get good friends that help you at the time you need your work.There are several ways of sympathy, such as giving blood to someone, to thank someone to thank someone, to help someone to solve someone's problems, to help someone to pay someone to pay their attention.

Good Health

The basic principle of healthy diet..

Thirst of thirsty feeling frequent fatigue and weakness
Minor changes in our lifestyle can safeguard not only us from risk of being depressed, but it can also help in controlling this disease.
Healthy diet..
Eating three times a day should be divided on five or three times a short time after eating What to do with energy, as well as vitamins and minerals It also includes the amount of nutrients, such as red dough of a baked mixed flour double bread biscuit peel powder and vegetables such as cucumber closet cabbage etc.Green bean Kambla Karla Flowers Flower Cabbage Sheetz Tomato Lemo Shrimp Pepper leaf leaves etc.These vegetables contain fiber as well as vitamins and minerals Reduce the use of salt and only for the taste in the food, only the vegetable and the lime is included by the salt.Eight to ten glasses of water is also interrupted Pearl fish, yes, made of red lambs without salt.Use the fruits in the market by season, for example, Marine Pearl is a fruitful turbo peppera, orange, malta and grrap flour but only one part of each bill is full of nails at a time.Daily physical activity is required for a period of 3 to 5 days in the region within 3 to 5 days.

Can diabetes eat sweets brought to sugar free diet?
This poison may also be claimed as the calorie also exists. Sometimes tasting is used if it is not a taste but it should not be used.
Caning a time-consuming can be helpful in reducing weight?
Doing some extent for healthy patients can be useful, but then it is not possible to remove the type of pasta and eat excessive stomach on the next time and if it is not useful to leave food at the next time.The amount and height of the.And created difficulty in maintaining the right amount of blood sugar.

Can the epidemic of the patient eat regular Khawaja and other sweet fruits like this?
The quantity consumed at one time depends on the type of medium sized mango, two palm leaves can be taken after a few hours, then it can be eaten after a few hours.At one time Kharrusha or the general family may prove to be healthier.It is better to consult a doctor with specialist nutrition and zygote specialist, suggesting a diet plan with your medicines. The slight change in your lifestyle can prevent risk from being deposited.Rather, this disease can also be protected from being complicated

How imortant is happiness for our lives

Aristoo once said that man is in search of happiness more than anything Every one wants to be happy with us all though many people do not express it openly or in different words it expresses.

Human are looking for happiness and comfort_for this he is ready to give up and sacrifice even he gets involved in Sin also_The sins of human beings have gains  But the not be pleased.

What is happiness?
Everyone is aware of it how ever it means to enjoy life and feel good everybody wishes that this feeling is always with him but this world will not make happiness for comfort and comfort Eternal comfort will be found in heaven .
Some people enjoy the pleasure and delight of the same thing although happiness is somthing different from enjoyment there are lavish felling.
When happiness is a permanent feeling of name sexual mixing is timely
Pleasure is the inner comfort and satisfaction Usually, what ever works its layers wish to get happiness But we often find happiness in the wrong place We find happiness out When happines is in every human being.

Achieving prosperity in every nation is the first priority If we are happy, it is also usefull for others besides ourselves Your fellow family areas are usefull for the township but also the whole community,

Pleasure is very important for humans_and this is a great blessing from Allah. due to happiness there is a lot of positive changes in the person Some of wich are important are:

1.pleasure strenghthnes man's immune system force immunity Due to wich a servant can complete well with diseases its wounds get tired if it has been operated he gets heathier in a hurry
2.Pleasure reduces the heart beat and blood preasure due to wich the overall health of human beings is very good and age long
3.Blood pressure problem is very low in the happy nation
4.Pleasure enhances the performance of a man happy resident works more than or ordinary worker due to wich he gets more happier
5.If you are happy the world around you become pleasant wich gives you more happiness and comfort
6.Happy people are more creative because in terms of pleasure and comfort humans can understand better
7.Everything that pleases man reduces depression
8.If you are happy then you can better compete with difficult situation
9.Happy people get more support from others wich is very important and usefull for success
10.Happy kids are good students before starting a test of proven students from a research they take more numbers if the make a fun and funny work
11.Lucky people tolerate pain easily
12.The happy people remember more and more happily and forget the unpleasant events quickly due to wich thier lives are filled with joy and joy they perform more features
13.The quality of happiness relies on both human body and mind when you are happy your internal organs work harder than the liver,heart,but all the internal functions

Pleasure is good health

Best Remedies For Cough..

Remedies for Cough
Coughing is most common problem. It can occurs at any time and anyone can face this even in kids coughing can happens. Sometimes it stays temporary and sometimes it stays long. Otherwise coughing is completely normal because is also use to clear your throat before speaking. You can find cough remedies in this article.
Coughing can be reason of any seasonal virus along with flue'. There are so many remedies which can treat your cough but if your cough is very strong and you suffered in this for long time then you should concern with your doctor.
Coughing can effect on your lungs that is why don’t ignore this and take any treatment for relief.


following are home remedies by which you can treat your cough. There is no side effects of any remedy but still if you have any allergy or you are suffered in any serious condition then it’s better to ask to your doctor first.


Remedies for Coughing
Remedies for Coughing

Honey is very natural and pure way to treat your cough. This is very good for kids and also good in taste. Honey is also beneficial for sore throat. According to study honey relive from cough more than counter medicines (OTC) because it contains dextromethorphan (DM) and a suppressant for cough.
You can treat you cough at home by using this remedy.
  • Honey 2 teaspoons
  • Warm water or any herbal tea 1 cup
  • Lemon few drops
Add honey and lemon in water or tea then drink and enjoy.
Lemon is great to relief from congestion. And honey has soothing effect. You can also eat simple honey or spread on bread. Take it as a snack.


Remedies for Coughing
Remedies for Coughing

pappermint leaves have great healing actives and properties. The menthol can find in peppermint which have soothing effects for sore throat and it acts like decongestant even great to cut down the mucus. You can also chew some fresh and clean peppermint leaves it will help to clear your throat and also effective in bad breath.
Drink peppermint leaves tea this is very beneficial and there is no side effects of this. You can also inhale the peppermint vapors from bathing steam. Add just 3 to 4 drops of peppermint oil into your steam bath which should filled with 150 milliliters of hot water then wrap the towel on all over your head and then take deep breaths above the water directly.


Remedies for Coughing
Remedies for Coughing

This is very old, effective treatment and very simple process in which you just need to take warm water and add pinch of salt in it then Gargle. This process is very helpful to soothe the sore and scratchy throat which can be cause of coughing. This is also beneficial for irritation.
NOTE: Those kids who are under age of 6 years and not good in gargling should avoid this process and it’s better to apply any other and easy remedy on those kids.


This is most important to treat cough but it’s great and most preferable that how to prevent from cough. Changing in weather is most common cause of flu and cough.
  • Remedies for Coughing
    Remedies for Coughing
    Avoid meeting and contact with those peoples who are already sick. Even if you are sick then don’t go to work or school because the germs can transfer to others.
  • Always cover your mouth and nose while sneezin and coughing.
  • Stay hydrate and drink plenty of fluid or water.
  • Clean sitting area in home, school and office. Even also clean countertops, mobile phones and toys.
  • Frequently wash your hand. Especially after eating, coughing, using bathroom and caring any sick people.
  • Germs can effect at anyone. That is why this is important to prevent from dust and always stay clean